Things that happen: a dog halted the Cristal vs. Binacional match [VIDEO]

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In the first minutes of Sporting Cristal vs. Binacional, a dog entered the playing field of Guillermo Briceño de Juliaca and stopped the match temporarily.

The first minutes of the Sporting Cristal vs. Binacional match were marked by a dog that entered the field of the Guillermo Briceño stadium in Juliaca. Although it stopped the game for a few seconds, it was the anecdotal part of the match, which is played for the 6th round of the Apertura.

Three minutes into the game, a dog managed to evade stadium security and entered the field, where it had time to walk around without the referee or any player interfering. Fortunately, it didn't take long for the dog to leave the match without any incident, so that it could resume without any problems.

The rimenses have returned to the path of victory, after the 6-1 rout against Unión Comercio in Tarapoto. However, the altitude of Juliaca and the pressure exerted by the 'Poderoso del Sur' are factors that complicate their mission of taking the three points home.

Sporting Cristal vs. Binacional: what awaits them

Sporting Cristal was supposed to play the match against Binacional in order to equalize in number of games with the other clubs. Their next opponent will be Cusco FC, for the sixteenth round of the Apertura. Although the celestes are in fifth place in the table, this will not be an excuse to give up and not go out to seek positive results in each match.

Tiago Nunes is aware that they must increase the demand, with the aim of continuing to accumulate points and thus accumulate as many as possible until the end of the championship. The same mission is also held by Binacional, who must win the remaining matches to move out of the bottom positions in the table.

Their next rival in the Liga 1 will be Unión Comercio, also at home, an option they must take advantage of to accumulate another three points, as in the 17th round they will have to visit Alianza Lima, the team that remains at the top of the table with 36 points.

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