Monterrey - Santos scoreboard for Liga MX [VIDEO]

Sábado 15 de Abril del 2023

Amazing match in the Clausura Tournament of Liga MX 2023. Rayados Monterrey vs. Santos Laguna faced each other for the 15th matchday of the Mexican championship.

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In the last match of the day, Santos' 'Warriors' defeated Monterrey's 'Rayados' 2-1 at the BBVA stadium.

Argentinian Rogelio Funes Mori scored the 1-0 for Monterrey in the 20th minute with a crossed volley shot inside the box. Santos equalized to 1-1 thanks to the Argentinian Juan Brunetta's goal in the conclusion of a counterattack in the 23rd minute.

In the 90+4th minute, Colombian Harold Preciado scored the 2-1 penalty goal that secured the victory for Santos. With this result, Santos reached 19 points while Monterrey stayed with 34 points in the leadership position.

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