Athletico Paranaense wins 2-1 against Grêmio as a visitor.

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Athletico Paranaense wins 2-1 against Grêmio as a visitor.

Football - Brazil - Brasileirao | Other Football Leagues | futbolred.com

Football - Brazil - Brasileirao | Other Football Leagues | futbolred.com

Paranaense defeats Grêmio 2-1 in the Brasil - Brasileiro 2023 Tournament

On matchday 27 of the Brasil - Brasileiro 2023 Tournament, Paranaense climbed the standings on Wednesday by defeating Grêmio 2-1 at home. The goal for the home team was scored by Lucas Besozzi (6' 1T), while the visiting goals were scored by Bruno Zapelli (37' 1T) and Kaique Rocha (48' 2T).

Lucas Besozzi shines with a precise and powerful shot

Lucas Besozzi thrilled the stadium with his goal in the 6th minute of the first half. The forward received a pass from Luis Suárez and made a precise and powerful shot to the left post from the semicircle.

Bruno Zapelli hits the post in the early minutes of the match

Bruno Zapelli took a tremendous shot in the 1st minute of the first half, but the ball hit the post. It wasn't meant to be.

Bruno Zapelli, the star of the match

Bruno Zapelli, the forward of Athletico Paranaense, scored 1 goal, took 4 shots on goal, and completed 42 successful passes.

Erick Carvalho, another important player in the match

Erick Carvalho, the midfielder of Athletico Paranaense, completed 16 successful passes, made 4 successful tackles, and took 3 shots on goal.

An intense and tightly contested match

The match was highly contested and intense, with more nerves than playing. There were a large number of yellow cards shown: Agustín Canobbio, Luis Suárez, Alex Santana, Thiago Heleno, Reinaldo, Lucas Esquivel, Tomás Cuello, and Kaique Rocha. Reinaldo was sent off with a straight red card in the 95th minute of the second half.

The tactics of Grêmio and Paranaense

The coach of Grêmio, Renato Portaluppi, deployed a 4-3-3 strategy with Gabriel Grando in goal; Fábio, Pedro Geromel, Walter Kannemann, and Reinaldo in the defensive line; Pepê, Nathan, and Franco Cristaldo in midfield; and Lucas Besozzi, Luis Suárez, and Juan Iturbe in the attack.

On the other hand, the team led by Wesley Carvalho lined up in a 3-4-3 formation with Bento in goal; Cacá, Thiago Heleno, and Lucas Esquivel in defense; Agustín Canobbio, Erick Carvalho, Fernandinho, and Tomás Cuello in midfield; and Vitor Bueno, Pablo, and Bruno Zapelli in the forward line.

The referee of the match

The referee Luiz De Oliveira was selected to officiate the game.

Upcoming matches

In the next match, Grêmio will visit São Paulo and Paranaense will play away against Botafogo at the Olímpico Nilton Santos stadium.


After the match, the home team has 44 points and is in third place in the standings, while the visiting team has 44 points and occupies fifth place in the tournament.

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