Ancelotti: "Kroos has the right to do what he wants in the future, we have to respect it"

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The Real Madrid manager spoke to the media ahead of tomorrow’s game vs Leipzig

The Real Madrid manager spoke to the media ahead of tomorrow’s game vs Leipzig

Carlo Ancelotti spoke to the press ahead of the first leg of the Champions League knockout clash against RB Leipzig. After arriving in Leipzig, he attended the conference along with Toni Kroos and gave out some lengthy answers about how they’d tackle Leipzig’s explosiveness, while also talking about what he thinks about Kroos’ future, to which he said: “Toni Kroos has the right to choose what he wants, and a Euro is also important. It could be good for him.

“Whatever he decides, you have to respect it. One, in my opinion, should leave it at the top. This year it could be, or next year, I don’t know, because his performance has always been good. He never had any ups or downs. But “One must stop, as a coach too, at the top of one’s career.”

Ancelotti on how Real Madrid manage to replace legends with youngsters so seamlessly

“It’s natural, you don’t have to push it. There are legends who have left, others stay. The basis is the lack of ego of the veterans, which has allowed the young people to adapt well to the squad and the club.”

Ancelotti on the lack of aerial presence in the defense

“I don’t care about the centimeters, I take into account that they have scored 16 goals in transition. There are many quality players in Leipzig, we must monitor them well and avoid transitions.”

Ancelotti on whether Brahim could start

“[Yes, but] I also consider Joselu. Leipzig is a very powerful team.”

Ancelotti on how he makes players play out of position

“Convincing them is very important, but you have to take into account whether you can do it. The player is very clear, when you talk to him you understand if he wants to or not. Almost all of them have told me that they have no problem. I don’t tell them if they don’t want to, or put a strategy that they are not happy with... Convince yes, force no.”

Ancelotti on what motivates players

“The motivation is not titles or money, for these players it is playing football. Kroos loves doing it, he does it very well and is very respected for it. As long as he doesn’t lose it, he can continue.”

Ancelotti on who starts in goal

“I’m clear. Don’t worry too much, you’ll know tomorrow.”

Ancelotti on how Real Madrid stay motivated

“The motivation is always high because I like what I do and where I do it. I like the squad I have. The Champions League is back and for Real Madrid it is the most important competition. We are going to compete.”

Ancelotti on Kroos’ best season

“It is difficult to say if it is his best, because each one is the best. His passing percentage is the same as ten years ago... His quality has not changed, it stands out that he is playing in a team with a lot of energy. In the tempo of the game he stands out more for that. He, within all this, feels very well.”

Ancelotti on whether Vinicius Jr is the best player in the world

“If he achieves that continuity, yes. He has a lot of quality and puts a lot of intensity into his dribbles and sprints. If he does it consistently during the 90 minutes, it shows because there are rivals who can’t stand him in the second half.”

Ancelotti on how everyone’s feeling ahead of the game

“Good. We are on a good streak, motivated, in a competition that we like a lot. They are a powerful rival, they play intensely and with quality at the top. We will plan a complete game, defensively above all.”

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