Tie for matchday 4: Millonarios vs. Junior shared points for the BetPlay League [VIDEO]

Martes 07 de Junio del 2022

Win Sports broadcasted the Millonarios vs. Junior match for the fourth round of Group A in the Liga BetPlay quadrangulars.

Match ends in a goalless draw between Junior and Millonarios

It was expected to be an intense match as both clubs needed a victory, and although initially it was a back and forth duel, the visitors stopped accelerating, running the risk of playing in their own half.

Thus, there were several goal-scoring opportunities for both teams, with Miguel Ángel Borja being the 'villain' for the barranquilleros by wasting two clear goal-scoring chances in front of goalkeeper Álvaro Montero.

On the other hand, the 'embajadores' missed some opportunities created by David Macalister Silva, Daniel Ruiz and Carlos Gómez; where 'poor aim' was crucial, and goalkeeper Sebastián Viera did not have to intervene.

With a very intense first half, it was expected that the second half would be more of the same, but instead it was a very discreet match from both teams, who showed very little action in the areas; thus the most notable moment of the second half was the expulsion of the full-back Fabián Viáfara (Junior) for a second yellow card.

Therefore, a goalless draw was signed between the blue and red teams, leaving both teams with five points and waiting for the match between Bucaramanga and Nacional, which will take place in the second game.

Next Saturday, June 11th, the two matches of the fifth round of the quadrangular A will be played, in which Millonarios will host Atlético Nacional, while Junior will play against Atlético Bucaramanga at the Metropolitano.

Source: Antena 2

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